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outpatient department
Hospitality area Clinics and feedback space for our patients (urgent dispute resolution, search for individual solutions, complex requests)
Department of neurorehabilitation
Joint territory for research, diagnostics of the health status of guests with a corresponding request and for medical and training activities
Department of Cosmetology and Detox
Harmonious and technological territory of aesthetics of the Clinic, which implements personal programs of beauty, youth, reboot, correction and renewal
Day hospital
Daytime space at the Clinic (in the "lunch break" format)
A special place in the Clinic = the center of attraction for ideas and meanings. A symbiosis of scientific potential, the highest professionalism, rare intellect, open thinking, creative resource and exceptional friendliness.
Clinical diagnostic laboratory
24-hour hospital
A zone of stay closed for third-party visits after surgical interventions or during the passage of individual health, rejuvenation, rehabilitation, detoxification programs.
Department of ART
A holistic ecosystem - with its own special microclimate, intimate atmosphere and comfortable environment, providing privacy and confidentiality for the effective disclosure of reproductive potential.
Biotech Lab
An innovative hi-tech laboratory that ensures the sterility and safety of research work with cell cultures and extracellular vesicles (exosomes).
Operating block

Our mission

Maintaining health and youth those who think about the future and want to prolong a healthy life without limits.
Why us?
  • Connecting advanced biotechnologies and integrated preventive approach.
  • Our team specialists are chosen by patients from all over the world.
  • Concierge service Bioclinics creates conditions of delicate aesthetics, freedom, support and absolute friendliness.

Our philosophy
"Concept - values"

  • IBC concept is built on careful accompaniment of you and those who are dear to you to a state and appearance that will allow you to remain energetic, confident in yourself, in your health and strength, open to the future, beautiful and balanced for a long time.
  • The value of limitless physiological potential and resource life is provided by deep and wide knowledge of experts in the field of integrative medicine and preventive approach.
International Bio Clinic
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