• 1st floor
  • 2nd floor
  • 3rd floor
  • 4th floor
  • 5th floor
  • 6th floor

Hospitality area of the Clinic and feedback space for our patients (urgent resolution of disagreements, search for individual solutions, satisfaction of complex requests in the field of outpatient care)

  • rooms for consultations with experts of preventive and integrative medicine: gynecologist, urologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, gastroenterologist, rehabilitation specialist, kinesiotherapist
  • Ultrasound diagnostic laboratory (expert class device)
  • treatment room (tests)
  • reception with the most friendly administrators
  • territory of personal managers, service managers
  • open areas for communication with guests
  • call center
  • treatment room for taking tests

Joint territory for research, diagnostics of the health status of guests with a corresponding request and for medical and training activities

  • an office for a consultation appointment, examination by a neurologist and medical manipulations (taping, botulinum therapy, carboxytherapy)
  • area for massage and muscle testing
  • space for a kinesiologist-rehabilitation specialist, a specialist in therapeutic exercises and movement hygiene
  • neurorehabilitation room, equipped with special simulators and neuro-impact devices

Harmonious and technological territory of aesthetics of the Clinic, which implements personal programs of beauty, youth, reboot, correction and renewal

  • waiting and relaxation area (concierge support)
  • offices equipped with modern equipment for the work of body and face experts
  • consultation areas for integrative specialists
  • space for developing a script according to individual complex requests
  • conference room (location for team training and meetings with guests in the format of intellectual brunches and educational events)
  • detoxification and care areas

Daytime space at the Clinic (in the "lunch break" format)

  • medical office for therapeutic appointments and development of individual recovery programs
  • spacious, bright rooms with anatomical chairs and beds for infusion therapy
  • treatment room with a full range of medical aids, resident's room
  • areas of physiotherapy and functional diagnostics
  • rest zone

A special place in the Clinic = a center of attraction for ideas and meanings:

development of strategic decisionsmaking breakthrough discoveriescreative interactionopen dialoguetrusted contact

A symbiosis of scientific potential, the highest professionalism, rare intelligence, open thinking, creative resource and exceptional friendliness


A biochemical laboratory in Fast track format, which allows you to obtain the results of diagnosing the guest’s health status during a consultation with a doctor or in another operational format:

biochemistryUAC and OAMhormonesvitaminsbile (to identify parasites)

An area of stay closed to outside visitors after surgical interventions (gynecological surgery, plastic surgery) or during individual health, rejuvenation, rehabilitation, detoxification programs

  • single and double rooms with turnkey service
  • duty post of a medical specialist and continuous communication with a representative of the quality control service
  • patronage during your stay as a personal manager and nurse
  • dressing and treatment rooms, resident's room
  • communication areas with surgeons of the Clinic
  • room for duodenal intubation
  • the ability to manage the Clinic’s library, television content, Internet resource, coaching support

*available for guests of the Clinic with limited mobility

Department of ART

A complete ecosystem - with its own special microclimate, chamber atmosphere and comfortable environment, providing privacy and confidentiality for the effective development of reproductive potential (infertility treatment, IVF, diagnostic programs and preparation for pregnancy)

  • offices of gynecologists, reproductive specialists
  • laconic, cozy, bright rooms
  • highly equipped manipulation room
  • aesthetic room for delivery of biomaterial
  • zones of women's and men's health
  • cryostorage, embryological and biotechnological laboratories
  • spacious sterile treatment room
  • personal patronage and sensitive service
Biotech Lab

An innovative laboratory that ensures the sterility and safety of research work with cell cultures and extracellular vesicles (exosomes)


Complete cycle space for surgical intervention in conditions of technological excellence and compliance with the required regime

  • two operating rooms for surgery in the field of gynecology, urology, plastic surgery
  • intensive care and plasmapheresis ward
  • reception area for anesthesiologist, resuscitator, transfusiologist
  • resident room for nurses and duty doctors of the department

Our mission

Maintaining health and youth those who think about the future and want to prolong a healthy life without limits.
Why us?
  • Connecting advanced biotechnologies and integrated preventive approach.
  • Our team specialists are chosen by patients from all over the world.
  • Concierge service Bioclinics creates conditions of delicate aesthetics, freedom, support and absolute friendliness.

Medicine of the future in faces

International Bio Clinic IBC in Samara can rightfully be defined as a multifunctional clinic itself, and as an innovative laboratory, and as a research center, and as a training cluster of experts of the highest class. Taken together, this is a striking example that expresses the most modern ideas about the medicine of the future.

What is included and what characteristics should such a clinic have?to meet the trends of the future in this ultra-dense and intense time?

Focus on the biological potential of the human body

Research into its energy intensity and deep knowledge of the human system at the cellular level make it possible to prevent its breakdown.

The practical application of appropriate techniques developed in the process of studying human cellular potential makes it possible to maintain activity throughout the entire phase of life, revealing the full reserve of human capabilities.

In the medicine of the future (which has already arrived), maintaining biological age at attractive levels, radiating beauty and excellent well-being is achievable.

Here they know about the human microcosm in all its nuances and take them into account both in the treatment of serious diseases and in the prevention of possible ones.

Biohacking as a basis

Doctors of the future are not satisfied with the normal state of the guest, but allow him to discover new parameters, reach the next level, so that the patient can remain active longer and conquer his own Everest.

They make internal transformations achievable for him. All this is achieved through systematic check-ups, compensated deficiencies of vitamins and microelements, supernova peptides, and biological additives.

Of course, the lifestyle of a patient with such a request will be determined by a balanced lifestyle - sports, sleep, nutrition and other values. It is possible to increase your endurance and stress resistance only by taking into account all life circumstances that affect your health.

Preventive nature of medicine

This clinic aims to prevent any disease. This task is served by genetic tests, research of behavioral patterns, emotional state, eating habits, work and rest, and physical activity.

Then, when it comes to the prospect of active longevity, any information is of a nature that determines the result. And if any minimal disruptions in the functioning of the body system are detected, preventive measures are taken in a timely manner.

Personalized approach

All stages of monitoring the patient are subordinated to him - from extensive diagnostics to the moment of receiving lifestyle recommendations and guidance on actions that will allow not just to live a long time, but to live a quality life, maintaining a high working potential and increasing energy. In this case, no templates are possible—exclusively patient-centricity.

Integrity of specialists

The medical doctors of the future look at the body holistically. A broad perspective is only possible with supporting core qualifications. The latter is achievable only with constant training and movement of specialists. The rule of one profession no longer works - the features of the present time predetermine the future time.

Innovativeness of research

Such a clinic has its own laboratories, conducts clinical scientific tests, and monitors changes in the body over time. The entire arsenal of advanced, high-tech devices is presented here. Medicine of the future presupposes knowledge of all current world discoveries and their integration into the practice of treating one person.

Guest patronage

In the clinic, the future patient is not allowed in the circle, and the registration is carried out by the curator. He knows all the indicators from the relevant specialists, and if necessary, a consultation is convened.

For a doctor-mentor, personality is not a set of indicators, deviations from the norm or ideas about the concept of an ideal person, but a finely organized infinity that requires delicate and deep attention.

Such a doctor-curator acts as a “navigator” for the patient on the “route” of his movement.

A complex approach

In the clinic of the future, an integrated approach is prioritized, since this is the only way to get the maximum effect in a short time.

Programs for mental health, general reboot, immunity enhancement, revitalization, rehabilitation, and detoxification allow you to restart the body’s biological processes. Work with the body on them is carried out at the most detailed level.

A systematic view of the body allows us to reveal the reserve capabilities of the body so that its entire physiological potential serves a person for his health and filling with energy.

Participatory medicine

Assumes that the patient is an active participant in the process, he is taught and assisted. Without counter movement, detailed feedback, discipline, and a positive attitude, the result will not be as pronounced. The emphasis is on the consciousness of the guest and his partnership with the curator.

In general, the medicine of the future is ahead of the present, builds non-standard cause-and-effect relationships, since it has the deepest knowledge of the human body system. She does not look into tomorrow - she is already in it.

IBC can help you.

Our philosophy
"Concept - values"

  • IBC concept is built on careful accompaniment of you and those who are dear to you to a state and appearance that will allow you to remain energetic, confident in yourself, in your health and strength, open to the future, beautiful and balanced for a long time.
  • The value of limitless physiological potential and resource life is provided by deep and wide knowledge of experts in the field of integrative medicine and preventive approach.
International Bio Clinic
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