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Rules for using Gift Cards


1.1. Limited Liability Company "International Bioclinic" (TIN 6316244357, OGRN 1186313036656, legal address: Russian Federation, Samara, Lev Tolstoy St., 122, room 301) (hereinafter referred to as LLC "International Bioclinic", Company, Contractor) issues its own Gift Cards, which are accepted as payment for the Company’s services on the basis of these terms and conditions “Rules for the use of Gift Cards of LLC International Bioclinic”.
1.2. Definitions and terms used in these Rules:
Offer (or Rules) – this document, which is a public offer of the Seller, addressed to any individual, to conclude an agreement on the terms contained in these Rules in accordance with clause 2 of Art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Acceptance – full and unconditional acceptance by the Card Purchaser of the terms of these Rules, confirmed by the acceptance of the plastic gift card itself by the Purchaser and the payment to the Contractor of funds in the amount of the denomination of the gift card, as well as the performance by the Card Purchaser and/or Card Holder of actions to fulfill the conditions specified in these Rules – is considered a conclusion agreement with the person who made the corresponding offer (acceptance).

Gift Card (or PC) – this is a document certifying the right of its holder to purchase services provided by International Bioclinic LLC according to the current price list. PC cannot be used to purchase medicines or dietary supplements. PCs are plastic cards containing the information established by these Rules. The PC is the property of the Company (Executor) and is transferred for temporary use to the Card Purchaser and/or Card Holder.

Medical Center is the place of provision of services provided by International Bioclinic LLC, located at the address: 443041, Samara, intracity Leninsky district, Lev Tolstoy street, building 122.

PC Purchaser and/or PC Holder – an individual who has agreed with the terms of this Offer, received temporary possession and use of a PC and presented it at the Medical Center.


2.1. The Contractor undertakes to accept funds from the Purchaser of the PC (advance payment for the goods) equal to the face value of the PC, issuing a cash receipt to confirm their receipt, and to accept the PC as payment for the goods in accordance with the terms of these Rules.
2.2. The purchaser of the PC undertakes to pay the Seller funds equal to the face value of the PC and to use the PC under the terms of these Rules.
2.3. The denomination of the PC can be any amount from 5,000 (Five thousand) rubles to 30,000 (Thirty thousand) rubles.
2.4. By purchasing (activating) a PC, the Buyer and/or PC Holder unconditionally express their agreement with these Rules. The Buyer and/or PC Holder undertakes not to use the PC without first reading these Rules and expressing his consent to them. In case of transfer of the PC to a third party, the person transferring the PC is obliged to familiarize the person to whom the PC is transferred with these Rules, and the person accepting the PC is obliged to familiarize themselves with these Rules, express their consent to them and accept them.


3.1. The PC is activated immediately after its purchase at the Medical Center cash desk and is available for use (debiting funds) immediately after activation.
3.2. The funds credited to the PC are an advance payment for goods that can be purchased at the Medical Center at prices in effect at the time the service is provided, and if the PC Holder declares a corresponding requirement directly when concluding a contract for the provision of services.
3.3. Repeated replenishment of the PC after its activation is not allowed.
3.4. The validity period of the PC is 1 (one) year. This means that the PC is accepted within 1 (one) year from the date of payment at the Contractor’s cash desk.
3.5. If the total cost of the selected product is less than the amount of money credited to the PC, then the remaining amount is not canceled, but remains on the PC during its validity period. You can find out the balance of funds on your PC at the cash desk in the Medical Center during the validity period of the PC.
3.6. If the total cost of the selected services is greater than the amount of money credited to the PC, then the difference is paid by the PC Holder at the checkout in one of the following ways: cash and/or using a bank card and/or using other gift cards of the Medical Center and/or other legal payment methods . At the same time, summing the denominations of several PCs is allowed.
3.7. A PC that has defects (mechanical damage, etc.) due to the fault of the PC Holder cannot be replaced, and returns and exchanges can be made in accordance with current Russian legislation.


4.1. When contacting the Administrator in connection with a controversial situation when using a PC, the PC Holder draws up and submits to the Company a statement in any form describing the situation that has arisen.
4.2. Based on the request of the PC Purchaser and/or PC Holder, the Contractor conducts an inspection to establish the reasons why the PC Holder was unable to use it, as a result of which the PC Holder is notified of the decision made on such request.


5.1. You can review these Rules from the Administrators of the Medical Center or by calling (846) 954-07-07.
5.2. Unauthorized use of PCs by third parties does not entail the Company’s obligation to deactivate said PCs and refuse to transfer goods to their bearers, as well as provide additional PCs and compensate for damage caused to the Buyer or PC Holder by unlawful actions of third parties.
5.3. These Rules may be changed by the Company unilaterally. In this case, the version in force at the time the Buyer and/or PC Holder takes actions aimed at purchasing a PC and/or concluding a service agreement will apply to the relationship between the Company and the Buyer and/or PC Holder.

These Rules are valid in the current version from December 20, 2022.

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