You have access to a full range of outpatient services in the field of women's health with an integrative and preventive approach, accurate and prompt ultrasound diagnostics of diseases using expert-class equipment, aesthetic gynecology, minimally invasive surgical treatment according to the Fast Track protocol

Integrative approach

Our gynecologists apply the principles of integrative and preventive medicine in their practice


Modern biotherapeutic methods have been introduced into treatment and rehabilitation protocols

Modern equipment

The work uses the latest medical equipment manufactured in Italy, Germany, the USA and the UK


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Olga Mikhailovna
Head of outpatient department

Gynecologist, endocrinologist, nutritionist, ultrasound specialist, D-doctor

Specialist in Integrative, Preventive and Anti-Aging (Anti-Age) Medicine

Course instructor for doctors

Olga Pavlovna
Gynecologist, nutritionist, D-doctor

Specialist in Integrative and Preventive Medicine

Specialist in the field of anti-aging (Anti-Age) medicine

Experience 11 years

Vitaly Vladimirovich
Head of the gynecological department

Gynecologist, gynecologist-surgeon

Candidate of Medical Sciences

The best expert of the Samara region (according to the prodoctorov portal)

Valeria Borisovna
Gynecologist, oncologist

Highest qualification category

Experience 33 years

Elena Anatolyevna
Obstetrician-gynecologist, nutritionist

Specialist in integrative, preventive and anti-aging medicine


Comprehensive appointment with a gynecologist with a preventive approach
Doctor: Degeleva Olga Mikhailovna
Comprehensive appointment with a gynecologist
Doctor: Kolodnikova Olga Pavlovna
Doctor: Shorokhova Elena Anatolyevna.
Reception of a gynecologist-surgeon
Doctor: Vitaly Vladimirovich Kotelnikov
Appointment with a gynecologist-oncologist
Doctor: Ledakova Valeria Borisovna
Lab tests
Over 1000 indicators
Ultrasound examination (ultrasound)
Functional diagnostics
ECG, Bioimpedance
Office hysteroscopy
Cultural study of the vaginal microbiota
Comprehensive female check-up
Hardware intimate rejuvenation
Contour correction of the intimate area
Insertion of fillers: urethra, G-spot, clitoris
Intimate whitening
Recovery after childbirth
Reconstructive surgery for uterine/vaginal prolapse
Endoscopic treatment of uterine appendages
Endoscopic treatment of hydrosalpinx, restoration of patency of the fallopian tubes, removal of ovarian cysts. More
Infertility Surgery
Elimination of adhesions in the pelvis, restoration of patency of the fallopian tubes. More
Organ-preserving treatment of uterine fibroids (myomectomy)
radical surgery
Amputation of the uterus, extirpation of the uterus with and without appendages. More
Minimally invasive treatment of pathology of the uterine cavity and cervical canal
Hysteroresectoscopy, hysteroscopy: office and operational. More
Reconstructive surgical treatment of pelvic organ prolapse
Reconstructive surgical treatment of pelvic organ prolapse using own tissues and mesh prostheses. More
Rehabilitation after surgery
Rehabilitation after childbirth
Rehabilitation after a frozen pregnancy
Personal system for skin and hair care to preserve beauty and youth. More about the test
Genetic test for the formation of an individual approach to women's health. More about the test
Plasma therapy iPRP endometrium
Ovarian iPRP Plasma Therapy
Biotechnological treatment of thin endometrium
Biotechnological treatment of ectopia (erosion) of the cervix
Creating a customized vaginal probiotic
BTL EXILIS - intimate rejuvenation
Full course of revitalization of the intimate zone
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