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Reproductive Future

Are you planning a pregnancy?

For those who intend to choose an easy pregnancy and happy motherhood as their next priority or have postponed motherhood "until better times", do not want to harm their body and do everything - necessary and sufficient - to ensure that this most important period brings maximum benefit and female body, and children's, in the future.

The program allows you to analyze the state of the body, identify possible deficiencies and make a prediction of the likelihood of pregnancy in a natural way.

An important indicator of female reproductive potential - the ovarian reserve (the number of eggs) - is depleted every year.

Understanding your “margin of safety” in matters of reproductive age, reducing the risk of miscarriage, preventing any complications during pregnancy and after the birth of a child form the basis of a conscious and responsible attitude to motherhood. It is worth starting to form it before the onset of a valuable event.

Experts will provide you highly qualified support for planning a safe pregnancy and offer:

  • comprehensive and repeated appointment with a reproductive specialist
  • consultation with an endocrinologist
  • full check-up (over 45 blood counts)
  • functional diagnostics (bioimpedance, colposcopy, ECG)
  • ultrasonic research thyroid gland, kidneys, abdominal cavity, mammary glands
  • sessions in an oxygen capsule
  • infusion therapy

We do miracles professionally

Biotechnology; Biologically active additives (BAA) - as prescribed by the doctor by the curator.

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