Body composition diagnostics


Bioimpedancemetry allows:

  • Individually determine the “ideal weight” taking into account your body type;
  • Identify imbalances in body composition;
  • Draw up an action plan for healthy and effective normalization of body weight;
  • Adjust the treatment of chronic diseases based on dynamic changes in parameters.


  • Availability pacemaker;
  • Availability metal structures in two limbs on opposite sides of the body (the study is possible only if there are no metal elements in the arm and leg on one side of the body).

How to prepare for bioimpedance testing?

It is necessary to undergo the study against the background of normal physical activity:

  • Exclude on the eve and on the day of the procedure, unusual loads, massage, lymphatic drainage, visiting the bathhouse and sauna;
  • One day before the study exclude drinking alcohol, overeating;
  • Bioimpedance analysis is carried out on an empty stomach.

To undergo a bioimpedance test, make an appointment at our clinic.

A method for diagnosing the composition of the human body by measuring the impedance - the electrical resistance of parts of the body - in different parts of the body
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