Diagnosis and Check-Up

Diagnostics and Check-Up

Comprehensive and prompt diagnostics of the body is achieved by the availability of expert-class equipment in the Ultrasound Clinic, the presence of its own laboratory and interaction with highly specialized laboratories of the country, the possibility of deciphering genetic material, and a fleet of devices for functional diagnostics

Own laboratory

The clinic is equipped with its own clinical diagnostic laboratory with the latest equipment

Fast track diagnostics

We will conduct and provide the results of tests during an outpatient appointment with a doctor

Expert support

Interpretation of ECG, bioimpedance, genetic tests and laboratory analyzes by clinic experts


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Victoria Erionovna
Head of Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory

Doctor of laboratory diagnostics

Experience 11 years


Lab tests
Over 1000 indicators
from 1,000 ₽
Diagnosis of helminthiases and parasitosis
from 350 ₽
Ejaculate analysis used to determine the fertility of a man and identify possible diseases of the reproductive system
from 2,500 ₽
Sperm DNA fragmentation test
Test to detect DNA damage in spermatozoa. The analysis helps in assessing fertility and identifying the cause of infertility and spontaneous abortions.
from 9,700 ₽
MAR test
A study aimed at identifying antisperm antibodies of the IgA and IgG classes for the diagnosis of immunological causes of infertility in men
from 1,200 ₽
HBA test
HBA-test (sperm binding analysis with hyaluronic acid) is performed to determine the degree of maturity of spermatozoa
from 10,000 ₽
ERA® test to determine the level of endometrial receptivity
from 73,000 ₽
Ultrasound examination (ultrasound)
from 1,000 ₽
Method for recording electrical potentials of the heart
from 500 ₽
A method for diagnosing the composition of the human body by measuring impedance - the electrical resistance of body parts - in different parts of the body. More
from 1,200 ₽
Screening non-invasive diagnostic method used to evaluate the functions of the urinary system - the sphincter of the urethra and bladder
On request
Cultural study of the intestinal microbiota
On request
Cultural study of the vaginal microbiota
On request
Cultural study of prostate secretion
On request
Microbiota analysis according to Osipov
from 4,000 ₽
Microbiome Genetic Test
On request
Duodenal sounding with laboratory analysis of bile
Duodenal sounding according to the IBC protocol. More
from 4,000 ₽
from 3,000 ₽
from 2,200 ₽
A method of examining the uterus using a hysteroscope (a type of endoscopic equipment), which allows for diagnostics and therapeutic manipulations (according to indications)
from 15,500 ₽
from 15,500 ₽
Checking the patency of the fallopian tubes (UZGSS)
Informative, non-invasive ultrasound examination of the uterus and tubal patency using vaginal and abdominal probes
from 5,000 ₽
Endometrial aspiration biopsy
Aspiration biopsy involves the collection of fragments of the endometrium for subsequent laboratory analysis
from 3,000 ₽
A study in which a doctor examines moles and other skin growths using a special optical device
from 10,000 ₽
Included in the initial intake. Method for examining hair and scalp with a trichoscope
On request
The procedure by which the amount of living hair per 1 cm2 of skin is determined
from 2,000 ₽
Comprehensive female check-up
from 25,000 ₽
Comprehensive male check-up
from 25,000 ₽
Personal system for skin and hair care to preserve beauty and youth. More about the test
from 17,900 ₽
Genetic test for the formation of an individual approach to women's health. More about the test
from 14,900 ₽
The flagship among DNA tests. It analyzes 55 genes. This allows you to fully decipher the genetically incorporated mechanism of metabolic processes in the body. More about the test
from 24,900 ₽
A detailed study of your genetic characteristics of the emotional sphere, behavior and brain efficiency. More about the test
from 7,900 ₽
A detailed DNA test about the diet, physical activity, features of the appearance of hunger and satiety, personal recommendations for taking the appropriate forms of vitamins and dietary supplements. More about the test
from 17,900 ₽
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