The solution and prevention of hair problems is solved in the Clinic by combining the high expertise of a trichologist, hardware trichoscopy, integrative medicine, injection and hardware techniques. Maximum possibilities in matters of hair loss (quantity and quality) are presented in the Clinic in the widest range.

Integrative approach

Our doctors apply the principles of integrative and preventive medicine in their practice


Modern biotherapeutic methods have been introduced into treatment and rehabilitation protocols

Modern equipment

The work uses the latest medical equipment of Russian and foreign production


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Evgenia Gennadievna
Trichologist, dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, endocrinologist, nutritionist, laser therapist, transplantologist (hair, eyebrow, beard transplant)

Specialist in Integrative, Preventive and Anti-Aging (Anti-Age) Medicine

Member of the Russian Society of Dermatovenereologists and Cosmetologists, Member of the Russian Society of Trichologists, Member of the Russian Hair Research Society (RHRS)

Course instructor for doctors


Comprehensive appointment with a trichologist with a preventive approach
Doctor: Shabalta Evgenia Gennadievna
from 5,000 ₽
Lab tests
Over 1000 indicators
from 1,000 ₽
Included in the initial intake. Method for examining hair and scalp with a trichoscope
On request
The procedure by which the amount of living hair per 1 cm2 of skin is determined
from 2,000 ₽
Comprehensive female check-up
from 25,000 ₽
Comprehensive male check-up
from 25,000 ₽
Drawing up an individual treatment plan
from 4,000 ₽
Therapeutic peeling Time to Grow
On request
IV-therapy: infusion therapy
We provide an exclusively personalized approach and take into account all factors of the clinic guest's lifestyle. More
from 10,000 ₽
from 3,900 ₽
Plasma therapy
from 13,000 ₽
The introduction of drugs (GCS)
On request
Hair transplant
- up to 1500 grafts (150,000 ₽)
- 1500-2500 grafts (225,000 ₽)
- from 2500 and above grafts (320,000 ₽).
from 150,000 ₽
Beard transplant
- up to 1500 grafts (150,000 ₽)
- 1500-2500 grafts (225,000 ₽)
- from 2500 and above grafts (320,000 ₽).
from 150,000 ₽
Eyebrow transplant
- up to 1500 grafts (150,000 ₽)
- 1500-2500 grafts (225,000 ₽)
- from 2500 and above grafts (320,000 ₽).
from 120,000 ₽
Photodynamic therapy Heleo4
Photodynamic effect with high clinical efficiency to eliminate involutional skin changes, dermatological problems, viral and bacterial diseases
from 5,000 ₽
Microcurrent therapy
Rejuvenation procedure using low-pulse low-frequency current
from 2,000 ₽
An innovative epidermal rejuvenation method based on the properties of carbon dioxide. More about Venusian CO2
from 1,500 ₽
Sciton neodymium laser
On request
Radio wave fractional treatment
On request
Personal system for skin and hair care to preserve beauty and youth. More about the test
from 17,900 ₽
Genetic test for the formation of an individual approach to women's health. More about the test
from 14,900 ₽
The flagship among DNA tests. It analyzes 55 genes. This allows you to fully decipher the genetically incorporated mechanism of metabolic processes in the body. More about the test
from 24,900 ₽
iPRP plasma therapy of the scalp
from 13,000 ₽
Biotechnological treatment of alopecia
On request

The most common conditions that we correct:

Seborrheic dermatitis
Hair thinning
Slow hair growth
Focal prolapse
Androgenetic alopecia
reactive hair loss
Diffuse hair loss

Everything starts with diagnostics – examination, data collection, assessment of the general condition of the body and, of course, trichoscopy – examination on a specialized device that allows you to examine the scalp, the condition of the hair follicle, location, density, etc. at high magnification, make an accurate diagnosis and, accordingly, draw up a treatment plan.

Prescriptions most often consist of oral therapy and external home treatment, as well as in-clinic procedures.

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