Minimally invasive and effective interventions in the field of gynecology and urology, modern equipment park, leading specialists. Doctors-experts of the clinic ensure maximum preservation of organs and restoration of their viability

Minimally invasive

Our doctors apply the principles of delicate and minimally invasive surgery in their work.

Modern hardware park

The work uses the latest medical equipment of Russian and foreign production

Accelerated rehabilitation

We use Fast track protocols using modern biotechnologies


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Alexander Yurievich
Head of the surgical department

Urologist, oncologist, surgeon, leading Prevent Age expert, nutritionist

Candidate of Medical Sciences

Experience 24 years

Dmitry Valerievich
Head of Urology Department

Urologist, andrologist, ultrasound specialist

Candidate of Medical Sciences

Highest qualification category

Vitaly Vladimirovich
Head of the gynecological department

Gynecologist, gynecologist-surgeon

Candidate of Medical Sciences

The best expert of the Samara region (according to the prodoctorov portal)

Valeria Borisovna
Gynecologist, oncologist

Highest qualification category

Experience 33 years

Alexey Vladimirovich
Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care


Experience 20 years


Consultation of a gynecologist-surgeon
Doctor: Vitaly Vladimirovich Kotelnikov
from 3,000 ₽
Consultation with a urologist-surgeon
Doctor: Mikhailov Dmitry Valerievich
from 5,000 ₽
Consultation with an anesthesiologist
Doctor: Molokov Alexey Vladimirovich
On request
Preoperative check-up
from 1,500 ₽
Endoscopic treatment of uterine appendages
Endoscopic treatment of hydrosalpinx, restoration of patency of the fallopian tubes, removal of ovarian cysts. More
On request
Infertility Surgery
Elimination of adhesions in the pelvis, restoration of patency of the fallopian tubes. More
On request
Organ-preserving treatment of uterine fibroids (myomectomy)
On request
radical surgery
Amputation of the uterus, extirpation of the uterus with and without appendages. More
On request
Minimally invasive treatment of pathology of the uterine cavity and cervical canal
Hysteroresectoscopy, hysteroscopy: office and operational. More
On request
Reconstructive surgical treatment of pelvic organ prolapse
Reconstructive surgical treatment of pelvic organ prolapse using own tissues and mesh prostheses. More
from 100,000 ₽
Surgical treatment of urinary disorders
Laser vaporization, TUR
from 30,000 ₽
Surgical treatment of infertility problems
Surgical treatment of varicocele
from 40,000 ₽
Micro-TESE (microtesticular biopsy)
Extraction of male germ cells from the testicle under the control of a powerful optical system
from 29,900 ₽
Surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction (prosthetics)
On request
Aesthetic surgical andrology
Intimate modeling and sculpting of the penis to a size and shape that excites you and your partner. More
from 10,000 ₽
Comprehensive physiotherapy recovery
We carry out complex physiotherapy procedures aimed at relieving pain, rehabilitation after injuries and surgical interventions. More
from 20,000 ₽
oxygen therapy
Saturation of the body with molecular oxygen under pressure, using the latest medical pressure chamber of expert class Baroox. More about Barox
from 1,300 ₽
IV-therapy: infusion therapy
We provide an exclusively personalized approach and take into account all factors of the clinic guest's lifestyle. More
from 10,000 ₽
Intravesical administration of hyluarunic acid
from 2,000 ₽
Rehabilitation using biotechnology
After surgery, stroke, trauma.
On request
Free consultation of a urologist-andrologist before manipulation
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