We create an individual “route” of diagnosis and treatment in an extremely comprehensive and exhaustive manner based on your uniqueness, integrative and preventive approach

Rehabilitation programs

Drawing up and implementation of comprehensive rehabilitation programs

Concierge service

Accompanying your stay by a personal manager

Fast track diagnostics

We will conduct and provide the results of tests during an outpatient appointment with a doctor


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Maria Grigorievna
Head of day hospital department

Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist

Specialist in the field of development of rehabilitation programs

Experience 19 years


Comprehensive appointment with a general practitioner
Doctor: Samyshkina Maria Grigorievna
Lab tests
Over 1000 indicators
Ultrasound examination (ultrasound)
Functional diagnostics
ECG, Bioimpedance
Comprehensive female check-up
Comprehensive male check-up
Drawing up an individual treatment plan
Drafting a Nutritional Support Scheme
Drawing up an individual nutrition plan
IV-therapy: infusion therapy
We provide an exclusively personalized approach and take into account all factors of the clinic guest's lifestyle. More
Plasmapheresis according to the IBC protocol
The best way to detoxify the body with the help of advanced technologies, modern expert apparatus and the intellectual potential of the Clinic. More
Detox capsule Yashi Dome
oxygen therapy
Saturation of the body with molecular oxygen under pressure, using the latest medical pressure chamber of expert class Baroox. More about Barox
Lymphatic drainage hardware technique, the essence of which is the mechanical effect on the body of compressed air. More about Perfecta SlimUP Drain
Comprehensive physiotherapy programs
We carry out complex physiotherapy procedures aimed at relieving pain, rehabilitation after injuries and surgical interventions. More
Personal system for skin and hair care to preserve beauty and youth. More about the test
Genetic test for the formation of an individual approach to women's health. More about the test
The flagship among DNA tests. It analyzes 55 genes. This allows you to fully decipher the genetically incorporated mechanism of metabolic processes in the body. More about the test
A detailed study of your genetic characteristics of the emotional sphere, behavior and brain efficiency. More about the test
A detailed DNA test about the diet, physical activity, features of the appearance of hunger and satiety, personal recommendations for taking the appropriate forms of vitamins and dietary supplements. More about the test
DETOX according to the IBC protocol
IBC detox program. More about the program
Reproductive Future
Individual health program. More about the program
Intensive Health
IBC weekend program. More about the program
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