Physiotherapists of the clinic and recovery rooms (physiotherapy oxygenation, magnetic and laser therapy) patronize treatment cycles aimed at relieving pain, rehabilitation after injuries and restoring the flexibility and plasticity of the body

Integrative approach

Our doctors apply the principles of integrative and preventive medicine in their practice

Modern equipment

The work uses the latest medical equipment of Russian and foreign production

Comfortable passage

Maximum attention to the details of your comfort during the procedure


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Maria Grigorievna
Head of day hospital department

Physiotherapist, Physiotherapist

Specialist in the field of development of rehabilitation programs

Experience 19 years

Elena Viktorovna
Dermatovenereologist, cosmetologist, physiotherapist

Specialist in the field of hardware and injection technologies

Experience 15 years


Comprehensive appointment with a physiotherapist
Doctor: Samyshkina Maria Gennadievna
from 1,500 ₽
Lab tests
Over 1000 indicators
from 1,000 ₽
Functional diagnostics
ECG, Bioimpedance
from 1,000 ₽
Comprehensive female check-up
from 25,000 ₽
Comprehensive male check-up
from 25,000 ₽
Drawing up an individual treatment plan
from 4,000 ₽
oxygen therapy
Saturation of the body with molecular oxygen under pressure, using the latest medical pressure chamber of expert class Baroox. More about Barox
from 1,300 ₽
Transglinal neurostimulation
from 10,000 ₽
Neuromuscular spinal stimulation
from 1,500 ₽
Neuromuscular peripheral stimulation
from 1,500 ₽
PABLO trainer
from 3,500 ₽
On request
Lymphatic drainage hardware technique, the essence of which is the mechanical effect on the body of compressed air. More about Perfecta SlimUP Drain
from 1,800 ₽
Detox capsule Yashi Dome
from 3,500 ₽
Vacuum roller massage with multi microalveolar stimulation
A unique high-tech device for body shaping and the fight against body fat. More about Icoone laser MMAS
from 2,950 ₽
Body massage manual
from 3,500 ₽
from 5,000 ₽
laser therapy
from 3,000 ₽
ultrasound therapy
from 3,000 ₽
Diadynamic Electrocurrent Therapy
from 5,000 ₽
Rehabilitation after surgery
On request
Rehabilitation after childbirth
On request
Rehabilitation after a frozen pregnancy
On request
Rehabilitation after injuries
from 30,000 ₽
Rehabilitation after a stroke
On request
Biotechnological electropheresis
On request
Rehabilitation using biotechnology
After surgery, stroke, trauma.
On request
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