Infertility treatment

infertility treatments

We can offer an integrative and comprehensive approach in the examination of infertility and preparation for pregnancy, individual support throughout all stages of treatment with ART methods and the selection of a treatment regimen just for you. You can count on a caring attitude to safely achieve the result - a long-awaited pregnancy

A complex approach

Our fertility doctors apply the principles of integrative and preventive medicine in their practice


Treatment protocols incorporate modern biotherapeutic techniques

Privacy Guaranteed

We ensure your privacy within the walls of the clinic


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Tatyana Sergeevna
Head of Assisted Reproductive Technologies Department

Reproductologist, gynecologist, ultrasound specialist

Candidate of Medical Sciences

First qualifying category

Julia Mikhailovna
Reproductologist, gynecologist

Specialist in Integrative and Preventive Medicine

Specialist in Anti-Aging (Anti-Age) Medicine

Experience 18 years

Alexandra Alexandrovna
Senior Embryologist of the ART Department

Biobanking Specialist

Experience 16 years

Dmitry Valerievich
Head of Urology Department

Urologist, andrologist, ultrasound specialist

Candidate of Medical Sciences

Highest qualification category


Comprehensive appointment with a reproductive specialist with ultrasound
- Verkhovnikova Tatyana Sergeevna
- Baranova Yulia Mikhailovna
from 4,000 ₽
Consultation with a reproductive specialist
- Verkhovnikova Tatyana Sergeevna
- Baranova Yulia Mikhailovna
from 4,000 ₽
Andrologist's consultation
Doctor: Mikhailov Dmitry Valerievich
from 4,000 ₽
Lab tests
Over 1000 indicators
from 1,000 ₽
Ultrasound monitoring, thanks to which a specialist can track all changes in the internal genital organs of women during the menstrual cycle
from 2,200 ₽
Checking the patency of the fallopian tubes (UZGSS)
Informative, non-invasive ultrasound examination of the uterus and tubal patency using vaginal and abdominal probes
from 5,000 ₽
Endometrial aspiration biopsy
Aspiration biopsy involves the collection of fragments of the endometrium for subsequent laboratory analysis
from 3,000 ₽
A method of examining the uterus using a hysteroscope (a type of endoscopic equipment), which allows for diagnostics and therapeutic manipulations (according to indications)
from 15,500 ₽
from 15,500 ₽
ERA® test to determine the level of endometrial receptivity
from 73,000 ₽
Cultural study of the vaginal microbiota
On request
Comprehensive female check-up
from 25,000 ₽
Lab tests
Over 1000 indicators
from 1,000 ₽
Ejaculate analysis used to determine the fertility of a man and identify possible diseases of the reproductive system
from 2,500 ₽
Sperm DNA fragmentation test
Test to detect DNA damage in spermatozoa. The analysis helps in assessing fertility and identifying the cause of infertility and spontaneous abortions.
from 9,700 ₽
MAR test
A study aimed at identifying antisperm antibodies of the IgA and IgG classes for the diagnosis of immunological causes of infertility in men
from 1,200 ₽
HBA test
HBA-test (sperm binding analysis with hyaluronic acid) is performed to determine the degree of maturity of spermatozoa
from 10,000 ₽
Cultural study of prostate secretion
On request
Comprehensive male check-up
from 25,000 ₽
Standard IVF
A method of infertility treatment, in which the fertilization of eggs occurs outside the human body in the laboratory, followed by the transfer of the embryo into the uterine cavity
from 19,800 ₽
IVF in natural cycle
One of the safest ways to get pregnant. The egg is fertilized in the laboratory, but its maturation takes place in the woman's body.
from 38,000 ₽
It involves the introduction of a spermatozoon into the cytoplasm of the egg and is carried out mainly with a reduced concentration or motility of spermatozoa.
from 40,000 ₽
Surgical treatment
Low-traumatic surgical intervention, during which endoscopic equipment equipped with a miniature video camera is used
from 20,000 ₽
Ovulation induction
For the treatment of women with anovulation or oligoovulation with endocrine factor infertility, ovulation induction is performed in order to form normal ovulatory cycles.
On request
Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
It is carried out by introducing laboratory-processed sperm into the cervical canal and into the uterine cavity during the periovulatory period
from 20,000 ₽
Donor sperm insemination (ISD)
from 17,000 ₽
Prenatal genetic testing
A procedure that allows you to identify chromosomal abnormalities of an embryo obtained by IVF before transfer to the uterine cavity
On request
Vitrification of embryos
If patients have excellent and good quality embryos after transfer, they will be recommended to be cryopreserved for future use.
from 30,000 ₽
Thawed Embryo Transfer
from 32,000 ₽
Vitrification of oocytes
from 30,000 ₽
On request
Plasmapheresis according to the IBC protocol
The best way to detoxify the body with the help of advanced technologies, modern expert apparatus and the intellectual potential of the Clinic. More
from 17,000 ₽
Program with donor oocytes
from 140,000 ₽
Donor Embryo Program
from 90,000 ₽
Donor sperm program
from 17,000 ₽
Plasma therapy iPRP endometrium
from 13,000 ₽
Ovarian iPRP Plasma Therapy
from 13,000 ₽
Biotechnological treatment of thin endometrium
On request
Biotechnological treatment of ectopia (erosion) of the cervix
On request
Creating a customized vaginal probiotic
On request

Answering important questions

How to prepare for the first reception of a reproductive specialist?
1. Write down all the questions in advance so that you don’t forget anything at the reception
2. Bring statements after operations, examinations and treatments
3. Trust the doctors, because they have helped thousands of babies to be born
How old can you try?
The reproductive age of a woman ends at 44 years according to WHO. It is important to contact a specialist in time to assess the ovarian reserve, we recommend dealing with this issue until the age of 35 in order to increase the likelihood of having a healthy baby
Can a child be born with a pathology?
With the age of a woman, such risks increase, but we have a technique that helps to find out the genetics of the embryo before attaching to the uterine cavity. Our task is to minimize the risks of having a child with pathologies, so we recommend not to skip the PGT procedure during IVF treatment
Is it possible to get pregnant with menopause?
Yes, you can get pregnant with menopause using donor eggs.
Does IVF hurt?
The most painful stage of IVF is transvaginal puncture (egg collection), it takes place under general anesthesia and lasts 15-20 minutes.
What if the gynecologist says that everything is fine, but the pregnancy does not occur?
If pregnancy does not occur, then you need to go to a reproductive specialist who will prescribe an in-depth examination, as well as an examination of your spouse.

Expertise in matters of reproduction (high statistics of successful cycles of reproductive doctors), multiplied by biotechnological developments of the Clinic's research staff (endometrial enlargement, ovarian rejuvenation), highlights the direction of IBC ART among other institutions that solve the problem of infertility.

We use integrative approach in the treatment of infertility to safely achieve the result - a long-awaited pregnancy.

Comfortable, spacious, aesthetic and bright compartment created with love for our patients.

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