Individual health program

Detox and cleansing: The energy of life

Is it important for you to look and feel light and energetic?

Inevitably, you take on an excess of the toxic ether of emotions, people, food. At the same time, the need to be in shape and be reflected in the eyes of loved ones with the radiance of youth and healthy energy exceeds your capabilities.

Your income directly depends on your presentation in the public space. Or you have lost your taste. To favorite dishes, interests, life. A lot of things seem superfluous to you, including weight and negative feelings. Or you are curious to explore the possibilities of your body.

What does IBC have to do with it?

We prefer scientific deposits to banking ones

We approve the fashion for science and arm ourselves with its latest achievements in the field of cleansing the body, returning its strength to the indicators of the level of "health, freshness, beauty".

Every start starts from the finish line. We will complete the planning of a new life together “from Monday” and proceed to the next cycle. Now.

Comprehensive laboratory check-up, ultrasound and functional studies will allow our experts, including endocrinologists, gastroenterologists and body curators, to analyze your condition in more than forty indicators.

Having identified the deficiency / excess of any elements, the curator will provide you with navigation through the best possible, just for you, lifestyle.

A detailed genetic check up /upon request/ will reveal the possible risks that your body may face and suggest ways to overcome them. To free up your body space for further achievements, filling it with pure energy, the detox program will maximally relieve you of accumulated toxins that poison the body and do not allow you to maintain tone and balance.

It is possible to “open” reserves by removing obstacles – they include the amount of harmful substances that the equipment, procedures and experts presented at the Clinic can “remove” from your body.

The Program includes cleansing sessions in the only apparatus presented in Samara Iyashi Dome, infusions of drugs recommended to you, supplying the body with oxygen, thalasso and pressotherapy, selection of dietary supplements and a complete map of your next steps. On the way to a better self.

Cleanliness is the best beauty

Do not take on the extra load / Leave it with us

Biotechnology; Biologically active additives (BAA) - as prescribed by the doctor by the curator.

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Price: from 250 000 ₽*
*The cost of the program is calculated individually after consultation with the curator
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