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MyBeauty - a personal system for skin and hair care to preserve beauty and youth. A DNA test is suitable for those who want to determine the appropriate cosmetic procedures, avoid the consequences of improper care, and choose an anti-age program.


  • Calculate the body's need for vitamins for healthy skin and hair
  • Assess the mechanical properties of tissues: collagen production, vascular strength, the risk of stretch marks and bone destruction
  • Determine skin propensity for moisture loss, dryness and dermatitis
  • Reveal your skin's natural UV protection
  • Determine the skin's reaction to the consumption of sugary foods
  • Reveal the tendency to inflammatory processes and avoid unwanted “aggressive” procedures
  • Confirm or refute the tendency to hair loss, male pattern baldness and early graying


  • Choosing the perfect diet for beautiful skin and hair
  • The need for vitamins and trace elements necessary to maintain youth

Habits and lifestyle:

  • Resistance to harmful substances
  • The need for physical activity and its mode
  • Susceptibility to aggressive cosmetic procedures
  • Tendency to allergies

Preservation of youth:

  • Condition and mechanical properties of skin, hair and other body tissues
  • Production of collagen, elastin, skin hydration
  • Features of photoaging processes
  • The effect of smoking and lack of sleep on the state of the body
  • The likelihood of stretch marks
  • Inflammatory processes in the body
  • Level of antioxidant protection
  • Heart and vascular health
  • Bone Health and Osteoporosis Risk
MyBeauty Genetic Test
You will receive personalized advice and an extended explanation of your DNA test results.
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