Individual health program

intensive health / Weekend program

Are you postponing life? Can't get together?

No matter where - on the way to a better self, to new life cycle, to travel or to knowledge, to a healthy lifestyle and change in behavioral patterns, to the destruction of bad habits or attitudes towards oneself.

For you who don't have a lot of time to spare and aren't ready for the discipline of periodic visits to health and beauty experts, we're open on your weekends with an emergency program.

One or two days can be a trigger the best changes in your life.

Start with the body - the mind will “tighten up”

Specialists will not only “invigorate” your body and improve metabolism, having previously carried out the necessary diagnostics of body composition (bioimpedancemetry) and a detox session at the deepest level (Iyashi Dome), but they will also provide you with the necessary supply of oxygen (BAROOX) and super-useful elements (Thalion thalassotherapy). ).

In turn, sessions on the devices will “restart” your body, set it up for tissue regeneration, including bone and muscle tissue, normalize hormonal levels, sleep and wakefulness cycles.

Additional advantage program is a "delayed" effect of aesthetic transformation: a session of carboxytherapy will give an impulse to skin elasticity, massage on the Icoon Laser device will stimulate lymph circulation and collagen synthesis.

  • Raise body density with a decrease in its gravity
  • Relaxing external effect and inspiring inner radiance
  • Ready to start. Reboot And launch to your personal space.

Biotechnology; Biologically active additives (BAA) - as prescribed by the doctor by the curator.

Signing up for the intensive health program
Price: from 33 000 ₽*
*The cost of the program is calculated individually after consultation with the curator
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