• Acceleration of metabolic processes, which persists after procedures
  • Beautiful smooth skin, the resumption of the production of normal levels of collagen
  • Increased tone of the whole body
  • Seasonal disease resistant immunity
  • Normalization of sleep
  • Stress resistance
  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Tightened body, clear contours of the figure
  • Suspension and slowdown of all aging processes in the body


  • To relieve chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Recovery after physical exertion, competitions
  • Elimination of toxins after long holidays, poisoning
  • Weight loss and weight loss plateaus
  • Toxicological rehabilitation after long-term medication, vaccinations
  • With frequent acute respiratory viral infections and other diseases associated with a decrease in immunity functions
  • Cellulite and excess weight
  • The need for cleansing the body
  • metabolic syndrome

How is the procedure

  • It is recommended to drink 1-2 glasses of water before the procedure.
  • The procedure takes place in a horizontal position, under the dome (the head remains outside and is not exposed to heat)
  • Our IYASHI DOME device has an oxygen supply system for the greatest comfort.
  • Session duration is 30 minutes
  • It is recommended to drink 1 glass of water immediately after the procedure.
  • After the end of the procedure and taking a shower, relaxation is recommended in the prone position on any horizontal or semi-horizontal surface for 15-30 minutes (according to well-being)

*The procedure has contraindications. Specialist consultation is required.

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