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Comprehensive male check-up

Why undergo a diagnosis of the state of the body, If it is “tolerable”, “it is possible to live”, “so far it is normal”?

Complex check-up gives an idea of what health risks have formed in the current time and allows you to prevent them in a timely manner - problems do not become chronic, and you do not need lifelong medical support. It's more fun to take vitamins. You are free.

extended check-up introduces you to the peculiarities of the body deeply and expertly - individual errors and deviations are taken into account when drawing up instructions for both operational correction and lifestyle in general. It is easier to change minor habits. You have been warned.

Full check-up allows you to live in the knowledge of what is contraindicated and what is recommended for your male health. You do not lose strength, but accumulate. Do not get tired, but make discoveries. You are not helpless.

Discount 10% for the diagnostic complex applies to:

  • Council of doctors / endocrinologist, urologist - andrologist, therapist;
  • Laboratory diagnostics / more than 20 blood counts, smears, spermogram;
  • Functional diagnostics of bioimpedance;
  • Ultrasound examinations / urological ultrasound;
Male check-up
Build up not muscles, but an internal resource. For several visits. at IBC.
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