According to the IBC protocol


The best way detoxification body with the help of advanced technologies, modern expert apparatus and the intellectual potential of the Clinic:

  • filtration of plasma (liquid part of the blood) up to 50% with the therapeutic apheresis device MCS + 9000 (synthesis of many years of experience and innovation, USA)
  • preparation for a course of plasmapheresis by leading expert doctors, including diagnostics of the current condition (check-up/parameters), consultations
  • removal of toxic, ballast elements, decay products in comfortable sterile conditions in the intensive care unit
  • full control of the patient's condition throughout the procedure by an experienced anesthesiologist-resuscitator, transfusiologist
  • replenishment of the body with an individually selected IV-therapy in order to pass the cleansing and healing cycles as safely as possible

Efficiency plasmapheresis in matters of blood renewal (as a result, activation of metabolism, vital processes, increase in tone, decrease in biological age, prevention of metabolic disorders, rejuvenation) is unprecedented!

IBC complex things - in "light" hands

Registration for plasmapheresis according to the IBC protocol
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