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I was lucky enough to meet Yulia Mikhailovna in 2020, when another clinic agreed to perform IVF only with donor oocytes (10 years I could not get pregnant, 35 years old, endometriosis, low AMH supply, fibroids). Our acquaintance began with bitter tears and despair on my part. But from the very first session, I felt much calmer. Yulia Mikhailovna chose a clear tactic of action, we replenished all the deficiencies of the necessary vitamins.
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Yulia Mikhailovna is a very sensitive and attentive doctor. Also a great professional. For 8 years of infertility, my husband and I went through more than one specialist and none of them suited us. Well, in 2020 we decided to turn to her with our problem, which we never regretted. After the first meeting, we simply trusted the doctor and followed her recommendations.
Patient +7-927-90XXXXX
Yulia Mikhailovna is a wonderful doctor, after the first appointment, I immediately got the impression of professionalism and a sensitive approach to every problem of her patient. Before scheduling an appointment, she explained everything in detail. For any question of interest, he will always consult in the messenger, which is no less important.
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