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Samara State Medical University (General Medicine)

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Samara State Medical University (Obstetrics and Gynecology)



Patient +7-927-73XXXXX
For a year I was treated for bacterial vaginosis in a well-known clinic in Samara, with no effect. My gastroenterologist recommended Elena Anatolyevna, because everything was interconnected. I first came to see Elena Anatolyevna in the summer, I was immediately prescribed additional tests, after which I was prescribed treatment.
Patient +7-927-69XXXXX
I was looking for a good gynecologist, since I had long had a problem with menstrual irregularities and frequent spotting. My period came twice a month. I am very glad that I ended up with Elena Anatolyevna. An examination was carried out and tests were scheduled. After the third appointment, treatment was prescribed, which quickly gave effective results.
Patient +7-987-43XXXXX
I came to Elena Anatolyevna with goons for long and painful periods. The doctor ordered a thorough examination. Elena Anatolyevna did not prescribe a miracle pill, but began to treat the causes, make up for deficiencies, and so on. There were also problems with acne and chronic fatigue, we also began to work on this.
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