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myfeminity — a genetic test for the formation of an individual approach to women's health. The study is especially relevant for those who are planning a pregnancy or have experienced problems conceiving a child, as well as for everyone who cares about their reproductive health and hormonal balance.


  • Learn about the genetic characteristics of your reproductive system and the ability to maintain women's health
  • Learn about the characteristics of your body in preparation for pregnancy
  • Boost Your IVF Efficiency
  • Assess the genetic predisposition to neoplasms, osteoporosis and get a list of preventive measures
  • Calculate the required dose of folate for the body
  • Understand the characteristics of the menopausal period for your body
  • Form a diet for the correct functioning of the reproductive and hormonal systems

Habits and lifestyle:

  • Resistance to harmful substances
  • Need for physical activity, sleep and rest

Women Health:

  • Metabolism of female sex hormones and sensitivity to them
  • Predisposition to complications during pregnancy
  • Features of response to ovarian stimulation
  • Survey Recommendations


  • Features of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
  • Gluten and lactose tolerance
  • The influence of genes on your taste preferences
  • The rate of salt excretion and the tendency to edema
  • Choosing the perfect diet
  • Drinking regime
  • The need for vitamins and trace elements
MyFeminity Genetic Test
You will receive personalized advice and an extended explanation of your DNA test results.
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