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mywellness is a detailed DNA test about the diet, physical activity, features of the appearance of hunger and satiety, personal recommendations for taking the appropriate forms of vitamins and dietary supplements


  • Choose the best "type of fuel" for your body - fats or carbohydrates
  • Create a daily menu with the products that are right for you
  • Determine your safe levels of caffeine and alcohol to stay energized without draining your body's resources.
  • Predict individual body response to gluten and lactose
  • Find out why you like sweet things, hate fatty foods and are sensitive to bitter tastes
  • Calculate the rate of salt excretion and the tendency to edema
  • Determine if you are genetically prone to addiction and how nicotine affects the brain
  • Find out if it's worth practicing vegetarianism
  • Find out if you have a tendency to overeat and whether you need to do fasting days
  • Understand which vitamins to pay close attention to (expert-controlled diagnostics, appropriate form of vitamins)
  • Choose the optimal physical activity to actively live and strengthen the body without overload


  • Features of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
  • Gluten and lactose tolerance
  • The influence of genes on your taste preferences
  • The rate of salt excretion and the tendency to edema
  • Choosing the ideal diet for your goals
  • Tendency to overeat and the need for fasting days
  • The need for vitamins and trace elements

Habits and lifestyle:

  • Metabolism of caffeine and alcohol. Your individual norm.
  • The extent of the harmful effects of nicotine on the brain
  • Neutralization of harmful substances
  • Choosing the right sport
  • Sports Injury Risk
  • The need for physical activity and its mode

Preservation of youth:

  • Safe household chemicals and cosmetics
  • Heart and vascular health
  • Bone Health and Osteoporosis Risk
MyWellness Genetic Test
You will receive personalized advice and an extended explanation of your DNA test results.
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