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MyNeuro is a detailed study of your genetic characteristics of the emotional sphere, behavior and brain efficiency.


  • Adjust sleep and wake patterns
  • Get a Nutrition for Efficient Brain Functioning from the MyGenetics Experts
  • Learn how to reduce anxiety and manage stress
  • Choose the best time for active work and rest
  • Get personalized advice on taking the right forms of vitamins and supplements
  • Know your genetic risk for cognitive decline with age


  • Selection of the ideal diet for high brain performance

Habits and lifestyle:

  • The need to communicate with people
  • The need for physical activity and its mode
  • Mode of work and rest
  • Prevention of emotional disorders and regulation at the hormonal level
  • Cognitive Function Training
  • Developing emotional state management skills

Preservation of youth:

  • Health Research Recommendations
  • Tendency to depression and mental disorders
  • Healthy sleep rules
MyNeuro Genetic Test
You will receive personalized advice and an extended explanation of your DNA test results.
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